Consulting and coaching

by Master Hughes

Master Hughes

Work with me.

As a consultant or coach I've worked with a lot of people. In fact I only take so many jobs as I'm busy on my own projects.

Let me help you succeed Most business owners know there product's, but they have little knowledge of management , marketing, or getting recognition and publicity or internet marketing. understanding how to get publicity.

Even if your just starting off, I can save you a year of suffering, by helping you just learn where to get started.

I often start out working with you by finding out what has worked for you and we try to move it forward. You may need some ideas of using video to market, or building a product line.

I hold a Masters degree in a management field and have been involved in small business and industrial business, environmental and much more.
 I can save you a bundle of time helping your get started. and a bundle of money.


My fee is 500 per hour just tell me how many hours you want and ill arrange billing. We can do it all by phone no  expensive travel required.


 Since I'm running my own business I have limited monthly slots. I only take 4  one hour consult jobs by phone a month.

If your interested contact me by email and send me a list of where your at and what's working, Ill respond and tell you if I can help you.

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