Video for business




Promoting your business with video and leave your competitors in the dust.

Learn how to make your own video commercials. Make more money promoting your business and products.

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Indie film Makers

Content creators

Online video makers Young Entreprenuers

video for business

Learn how to create videos for your business. Promote and market your business through video.

Creating your own marketing videos only take's some knowledge. Any small business can make effective advertising thats cheap.

Improve your internet marketing for your small business by putting your videos online. When you buy" Promote your business with video course" you will have a extreme advantage over your competitors. You learn how to promote your business and get thousands of dollars of free  advertising on the internet.Or you can learn to make marketing videos for other companies and Let them pay you 60 to 100 dollars per hour to do it.


97.00 dollars plus 4.95 for shipping and handling.
Buy this video and just email me Ill give you a copy of video simplied in pdf form full of information for Free

In this video we tell you

 Basics of the video commercial
How to upload buisness videos and host them for free.

Using youtube to help your business

Set up your business on facebook and youtube

How to put a thumbnail of your business video on your website.

What makes an effective video commercial.
Understanding what works
How to set up a simple lighting system to make the commercials.
How to make it effective.

Understanding why people want your product.
Learn to identify your market.

Clip lengths for infomercials
Who should be in the video.
Commercial or infomercial ?

How to set up your lights and camera to shoot your commercial

Where I got my lights for the video shoot

What I put on my mic to improve sound

What dslr I use for photos

Using release forms for your video commercial.

Video branding.
Add brand to your videos right place right time counts.
How to brand a YouTube channel for your business
Using intros and outros. "with examples"

How to brand the video without pissing off customers.
 Shoot the video tips

Marketing through video
Marketing avenues,
Marketing strategy,
Online marketing tactics,

How to place a commercial for free on sites that charge.

Converting commercial videos to how to do it videos.
Using fake testimonials.
Business commercials, videos online
How to Do Internet Marketing
Getting alternative traffic for your website and some tips on shooting the video.

Tag your video with keywords